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Value of TechnologyShowing the Value of Technology

Piedmont Consultants is a specialized marketing firm that helps technology companies implement a value-based approach to selling products and services. 
In today's market, IT decision-makers are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate the value of a solution to their organization before they receive funding. Using our approach, your organization can increase sales by giving IT decision-makers the data they need to prove a solution's value. 
With our combined expertise in financial analysis, business strategy, industry verticals and information technology, we help you create effective business-value messaging for your solutions. This messaging helps you:
  • Discover what drives value creation for your customers.
  • Exhibit the real benefits of your solutions and services.
  • Empower your sales team with tools to deliver tangible results.
  • Create a solution-based sales approach.

  • "The Piedmont case studies do a great job articulating business value and are a great improvement over our older case studies."

    Product Manager, Microsoft
  • "Today our customer placed a $5.7 million order for software. Piedmont's work on the cost-benefit analysis made that possible."

    Account Manager, Microsoft

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